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1 desire + 1 idea = 1 concept

  The new stickers customizable and self adhesive
100% French et Eco Responsable

Innovation & Useful : a self-adhesive stickers for luggage (no loss or theft).

Customizable & Pratical : customize your sticker as you wish. Finally, recognize easi all your personal belongings (luggage, Smartphone, mug, bike...), for a perfect harmony.

Elegant design & Trend : to each, his own favorite and style. Life is beautiful, colour there with humor.

Stickers could also be hang thanks to a transparent support given.


              Inside story...

  Once upon a time... on a cold morning by the moonlight, still douded from a late night's sleep, one has to go there... outside, walking and climbing. Over there, up there... to the summit, still out of reach.
So many people departing at the same time, so much fuss in this crowd. How do I find my stuff and be completely sure it's mine.
Questions arise inevitably : 
« Whose is this ? »« Is it yours or mine ? ». And right there you are stressed !

After a few scares, everyone more or less successfully finds his belongings. Unfortunately some of us will not be as lucky and wil have to stay in the montain hut. Imagine for a second how much disappointment there is and how much time and money are also consumed. You almost feel like crying.

So the question is :
« how to identify one's belongings in a reliable and personal manner ? »

This is how the idea came about of creating a customizable support perfectly adhering to belongings.


Sticker voyage


Stickers video
How it works


Once upon a time, it was a story in montain hut...

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