Best way to go faster

1 - I personalize with either a ballpoint pen or a marker or felt.
2 - I lift the flap, I write or make créacollage. If you use a pen, let dry.
3 - I drag the shutter with a rigid object, such as the cartelette presentation.
4 - I take off a part of the protection and stick to the desired location. If I like, I finish sticking by removing the entire protection.
It was worth it !

Crash test : Results...

Drôles de machines volantes

Stickers resist:
- In the dishwasher ;
- The washing machine, rather 40 ° (test result: 3 washing, total time : 4h15, temperature around 40°, 900 tours/minutes)
- Immersion in the snow ;
- To extreme temperature variations.

Well, it's good to know!

Desire of change

You want to change the place of your sticker:
- Remove the sticker carefully by grasping the rounded hedge ;
- Stick it on the new location or on the new support.
So good, but be aware that the sticker can loose its shape after various handlings.

You want to change the sticker:
- Using a plastic spatula (the kind of "raclette") ;
- Initiate the takeoff of the sticker and then pull of one shot ;
- With a cloth soaked in alcohol at 90 °, remove any traces of glue.
The place is free for another desire, another model.

Oops ! Erratum. You want to change informations
- Moisten a piece cotton or cloth or a Qtip, with acetone or varnish remover ;
- Use this to erase the incorrect information ;
- Then apply a piece of clean dry cloth all over the surface in order to remove any residue ;
- You can repeat this process as you want. Take care the prints left over by previous writing ;
The sticker is brand new and you can write on it again.


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